Pre Sales Engineer Interview Questions

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“Started interview in another language to access if what I wrote on resume was in fact acurate”

“I told them I was very good at uncovering "upsale" potential and customer pain points and they asked me to give and example.”

“Whether I thought me and my family could handle the winters in Anchorage.”

“The asked me to work through Archimedes principle. Essentially asking me what would happen to the level of a lake if a weight was dropped in it.”

“The scenario was around technical questions that no one has an answer to. It was such an interesting discussion on how to solve a common issue without a clear direction. Instead of me working by…”

“I was asked to get up and present a solution that I had created for a prior employer. They wanted to test my presentation skills.”

“The demo was challenging, but is part of,this job so it made sense”

“What is change block tracking”

“A clairvoyant process trying to determine what their best subject is to provide a presentation interview for. Lack of clarity and focus on how to recruit the candidate they are looking for!”

“VP of engineering on date of hire still made me present on the whiteboard a storage feature and explain the benefits of widestriping.”

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