Presidents Assistant Interview Questions

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“Asked about how I would handle a case - specific steps.”

“There are 9 balls one of which is lighter than the others. How would you find the lighter ball in 2 tries”

“If the group manager contacted you regarding a report that you prepared for your boss and this individual was not around to answer, how would you handle this call?”

“What is your greatest weaknesses.”

“The most unexpected question I was asked, was if I was pregnant. I think this is illegal now, but back then, you could ask anyone almost anything.”

“Regular interview questions. They are very focused on the character of the person. Hard work is very important. HSBC tends to hire from other banks.”

“What are your plans to transition from managing a team to being an individual contributor if offered the role?”

“I was told that I was not to make my co-workers friends. I was told to be friendly but no social interaction was to occur.”

“Caliper Test was challenging.”

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