Presidents Assistant Interview Questions

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“Canned questions such "Tell me about yourself," "What brings you here?" "Give me a challenge in your present job and tell me how you handled it," "How do you handle multiple, demanding clients...”

“What are some challenges you've had to overcome in the workplace and how did you work around them?”

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“No one keeps their appointment times and full business suits are needed each time of the interview and they must be grey or dark blue. I had a light tan suit on and the HR department decided to...”

“If you have 5 sets of balls with 5 balls each. In 4 sets each ball weigh 5 grams except from one set where the balls weigh 4 grams. How do I find which set has the balls with 4 grams.?”

“Given a binary tree, Find the depth of the node containing the max value.”

“Given a Tic table- I.e a table that records Ticker, price, date/time during a trading day. Write a Query that will give you for each Ticker the final price of the day.”

“What is the value of a rainbow of two items that are perfectly correlated? How do the two underlyings behave?”

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