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“Tons of behavioral questions encountered in the whole process- What would you do if there was a problem within your team etc..”

“Panel question: if 100 full time employees can do 10,000 cases. How much would you charge to do 50,000 cases?”

“Given two power plants one that works on coal and other on natural gas and with their varying degrees of heat rates and considering all other assumptions that hold good to the two plants which one…”

“Somebody shows you a Net Present Value what according to you are the two questions that are important to be asked with this individual.”

“Describe a recent failure. How did you handle it? What could you have done differently?”

“I was asked to do a spread sheet analysis on the spot. It took me by surprise.”

“What sort of factors would you consider when testing out a new route?”

“There are 3 stops: NYC, CHI, LAX.

NYC to CHI $100 with 2 open seats,
CHI to LAX $175 with 3 open seats,
NYC to LAX $150 with 5 open seats

What combination of passengers would be most…”

“Explain the price of an office chair if there is no other information in front of you, how would you determine the price of the chair?”

“Let's say you are in charge of stocking a grocery store candy aisle, to include the layout of where the candy will go. You have cinnamon bears and gummy bears. Would you display these two candies…”

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