Printing Interview Questions

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“What was a problem you experienced and how did you handle it?”

“What experience I had with copiers?”

“There were several questions regarding print production, buying and customer service that while detailed none were not unexpected. Perhaps the questions about their proprietary software were the...”

“Salary expectations”

“I was asked what specific skills I had that made me qualified for the position.”

“Why would you choose print production?”

“How do you feel about a strict corporate dress code?”

“1-Can you work overtime? 2-What days can you work? 3-How well can you handle stress?”

“Based on your resume, your career seems to be leading to a more of a creative path regardless of what you may have said today. I worry that you will not be happy in this position. Where do you see...”

“What do you like about this company? What are your long term career goals? How does your experience align with the position?”

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