Private Banking Analyst Interview Questions

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“What is your opinion on the equity market and what strategy would you take to take advantage of it.”

“Describe your thoughts regarding the fiscal cliff and how do you expect the market to react?”

“"Tell me what you know about credit risk management?"”

“"Let's take a trip around the world and tell me what's going on in each macro environment."”

“Where do you think the market is heading and why?”

“What is a stock you are currently invested in and why?”

“What sorts of investments would you recommend for a retiree assuming interest rates are rising.”

“Which of the following asset classes is offers the best value in a low-interest rate environment: HY, inv. grade bonds, or equity market?”

“Tell me about a difficult experience and how you worked through it.”

“Tell me about the 2008 MBS Crisis as well as the 2010 European Debt Crisis. Where do you think the market will be in 6 months as a result?”

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