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Jun 27, 2013

Interview Question for Anonymous at Xerox:

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“All the questions were very similar, and they were all open ended. I was caught off guard simply by the broadness of each question. I also found it tough not to repeat myself, since the questions…”

Mar 12, 2013

Interview Question for Associate Business Applications Developer at Insperity:

“The interview did not seem to be put too much stress on me. The most difficult part was probably the coding portion. This was not because of the problem, but because it was probably the first time I…”

Feb 28, 2013

Interview Question for Anonymous at College Board:

“Describe a situation in your current position which required you to utilize conflict resolution skills to diffuse.”

Feb 15, 2013

Interview Question for Anonymous at Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia:

“All of the questions (from the DBA) ended up being difficult to answer because like I mentioned before, I could barely understand what the interviewer was asking & he would not repeat his question…”

Jan 12, 2013

Interview Question for Technical Recruiter at Brooksource:

“"Coming out of college, how do you plan on managing the people you recruit for positions especially if there are problems at their individual work places going on at the same time?"”

Dec 6, 2012

Interview Question for Anonymous at

“Most of them were expected. Almost all are problem solving questions.
1. Given a BST with following property find the LCA of two given nodes. Property : All children has information about their…”

Aug 28, 2012

Interview Question for Anonymous at AllofE Solutions:

“One of the software engineers asked me the question about the colored chameleons bonking into each other question. Basically, there are 15 red, 17 green, and 19 blue chameleons on a desert island…”

Aug 26, 2012

Interview Question for Anonymous at Saint Cloud Hospital:

“I think phone interviews can be difficult because you don't know what your interviewer is writing down while they interview you. You also don't get to see who your competition is. If you don't have a…”

Jul 24, 2012

Interview Question for SALES CLERK at Walgreens:

“"Name a situation where there was a problem and you helped to solve it"”

Jul 18, 2012

Interview Question for Consultant at Lab Consulting Partnership:

“What is the most difficult problem you have had to solve; in school, life or work? Did you solve it? How? What did you learn from the experience?”