Process Consultant Interview Questions

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“You enter a company, it has got a lot of bottlenecks/ issues. there is not direction how will you work on process improvement intiative from scratch to finsh”

“Skills interview. Difference between different modeling languages”

“Placed in a real-life audit scenario and asked to quickly respond with my recommended solution”

“I was asked to describe a time when I took a risk and failed, and when I took a risk and succeeded.”

“"Tell me about a time when you had to give difficult feedback to a higher level manager"”

“Case study was the most difficult aspect. Just need to make sure to bone up on pharmaceutical distribution operations and industry.”

“What CMMI process areas and practices are generally a problem in an appraisal.”

“The most difficult part of the process was answering the case study and really reviewing all the materials.”

“Request specific technical details for a project performed more than 5 years ago.”

“How did you troubleshoot. How do you prioritize work. Confllict Handling.”

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