Process Development Interview Questions

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“Can Si be used to make LEDs ?”

“How many barbers to cut men's hair in a city of 2 million people?”

“Estimate the number of flat tyres in the US in a year?”

“The panel interview make it very difficult to concentrate. Several ppl attacked the candidates at once. They ask a lot of technical question on how you overcome difficult projects that you...”

“If a glass of water is half full and you put ice in it, when ice melts, the water level will increase of decrease or remain constant? Give scientific reason.”

“Name different ways proteins can be separated, besides what your experience shows.”

“Do you favor working as a member of a team or on your own?”

“why does other semiconductors can be used for LED/”

“What would be the time mix that I would prefer , Computer / Document , vs out in the plant .”

“How do you resolve conflicts?”

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