Process Engineer II Interview Questions

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“Define success.”

“There were two panels of four engineers/managers that interviewed me. The questions mostly pertained to my past experience as I had 16 years job related experience. Technical questions were related...”

“How many CREE LEDS would it take to to replace all domestic incondescant lightbulbs in the United States if they're X% more efficient”

“You realize this is a second shift position, right?”

“Draw a rough block diagram of a pressure control loop system in a process vacuum tool.”

“does the heat duty of a distillation column increase or decrease when you increase the temperature of the pumparound?”

“Describe a difficult situation, how you handled it, and what was the result.”

“How do you find your computer's IP address? What are DNAs made of? How do you break the bonds between DNA? What does a double helix look like? What is mean, median, mode, standard...”

“Technical questions were the most difficult, but not unexpected.”

“How would you go about breaking the bonds between AT and CG”

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