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“Given a string, remove all the duplicate characters (not necessarily consecutive)”

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“Describe the development process you prefer, particularly for a startup company.”

“Why have you been unemployed for so long?
*Note: Are you kidding me?”

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“How would you improve your presentation if asked to do it again?”

“Given a very large existing network with thousands of external connections, how would you add an additional few hundred connections?”

“What is the method, process you use to debug web applications?”


Apr 16, 2014

“None. I applied for a different position. Wasn't aware I was being interviewed for WFT until ME told me.”

“Since the position would involve working one-on-one or in small groups with students much of the time I was surprised that there were a few questions pertaining to classroom management (of classes…”

“Easy questions. Provide an example of how you went above and beyond to provide good customer service. How would you provide a good shopping experience for a customer at the home depot?”

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“You arrive to work at the start of your shift and notice work area has bodily fluids and small amounts of blood splatter; what do you do first?”

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