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“This wasn't a question, but the interviewer tried to distract me by looking at other places while I spoke. I believe he was trying to see if I would lose my train of thought.”

“What is the one thing, I did not ask about you, but I should have asked about you? (Asked at end of interview).”

“there was no unexpected question.”

“The questions were very standard. I don't remember them, but they were all either tell me about this thing on your resume, or tell me about a time when _______...”

“Why did you choose to go to this school?”

“Explain a pivotal moment in your life and how it has changed you.”

“What would do as a supervisor if one of your employees was charged with rape.”

“Why should we hire you?”

“What do you want to do here?”

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“describe a time when you failed at something and had to turn it into a success”

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