Producer Interview Questions

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“Interviews went well. Standard terrain. I was well prepared and qualified.”

“What would you do if an Dolby Executive accidentally their Academy Awards ticket at home and you were on the 5th level of the theater?”

“They basically ask you about your responsibilities on your previous jobs and than thry try to figure out if you will be on the phone alot as this is a telemarketing position.”

“How would you describe your "digital" experience?”

“I was asked why I want to stay in newspaper journalism. It's a rapidly declining field.”

“"...why would you want to come back to a middle management job?"”

“If I knew about national parks.”

“There were no technical questions. I was asked how competitive I was and how much money I wanted to make.”

“The question that sticks out, was I was asked if I knew the ad agency by name that one of the interviewers came from.”

“Some website question, regarding prior web experience.”

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