Product Control Interview Questions

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“What option will have higher price- European, Asian or Cliquet type.”

“Why would we hire you”

“How many ways can you use to hedge the risk of grow wheat?”

“What is the value of a rainbow of two items that are perfectly correlated? How do the two underlyings behave?”

“What is an ethical dilemma you have faced? What is your role usually in a team? Tell me about a time you failed? What is a derivative?(followed-up with) How does the way we at GS would use them in...”

“Who was my inspiration, what were my weaknesses, personal questions were the hardest. Most were questions i had already experienced in previous interviews”

“Where do you see yourself in 5 years from now.”

“I had mentioned I was taking a class in International Finance. They then asked about the European debt crisis.”

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