Product Design Engineer Interview Questions

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“If you and a large brick are in a boat floating in a pool, will the water level rise or fall when the brick is tossed into the water? What if the brick is a large piece of Styrofoam and thrown into...”

“What are the different ways you can you tell if this part is steel or aluminium.”

“Questions that popped out as I can remember. 1) A cube (1-1-1m) of ice in a room (50C) sitting on a wooden table. the ice is 1m away from the walls around it's 4 sides, except for 1 side is 30cm...”

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“What is the deflection in a cantilever beam loaded at the end?”

“After drawing a spring tightly wound with the ends extending away and forming a ~30 degree angle, was asked how I would measure the force exerted if the two ends were released (assuming preloaded)”

“General technical questions about manufacturing and materials”

“Why are man hole covers round?”

“What types of tests would you do to quantify the validation of a particular design?”

“They will have you look over a part and identify manufacturing processes.”

“Give me an example of a time when you had to make a split second decision.”

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