Product Designer Interview Questions

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“How would you design a simpler TV remote control?”

“Finding a problem on the spot to a mobile application like Twitter that is used by millions of people a day and has a huge team working on it every day to make it perfect.”

“The head of platform mentioned a problem he was facing in their design process, which was a smart way to try and see how I would collaborate/brainstorm with him.”

“Prototype a simple utility app”

“One of the interviewers asked some basic electrical engineering questions.”

“Questions on how to use metrics to measure the success of a specific feature, gain insights on user behavior, and/or inform design decisions.”

“What's my past experience?”

“Nothing unexpected, but be able to talk about reasoning behind work, collaboration, and research”

“They asked how well I deal with STRESS, how quickly I could start, how do i deal with criticism, how i work with others.”

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