Product Engineer II Interview Questions

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“What do you know about Micron”

“None, all questions were fairly standard.”

“Explain DNA structures, bond interactions. Explain mean, mode, median.”

“Describe a time where you worked with a difficult colleague and how did you handle the situation and how were you able to overcome the adversity.”

“Describe a time where your leadership qualities were able to show through and a project was completed successfully.”

“If I asked you to solve a problem, describe the steps you would take to complete the task.”

“I was asked to construct a robotic mechanism. I had to consider functional requirements and degrees of freedom, formulate dynamic equations, choose materials and describe manufacturing process.”

“Most technical questions involved stress analysis or strengths of materials type questions. None of the non-technical questions were meant to be very difficult to answer. For example: What is the...”

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“How will be stresses distributed in specially designed pressure vessel.”

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