Product Interview Questions

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“What is the marginal cost of a gigabyte in gmail?”

“Write a function that takes in two sorted lists and outputs a sorted list that is their union.”

“Are you willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done”

“How do you think Amazon may have come up with the $80 fee for the Amazon Prime membership program? - this is a classic pricing question.”

“What is the marketing strategy of your former company?”

“Selling a battery to a customer,what would you asking as something else that they need to buy or check to fix their problems and have a good customer satisfaction?”

“I was asked to tell about a typical day at my recent client engagement. The work at my recent client engagement did not correlate to the role I was interviewing for. Unfortunately he continued to...”

“explain a detailed process using Revit MEP”

“Who's ultimately responsible for shipping a product?”

“Unexpected: Detailed questions about engineering topics such as RFID reader architecture”

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