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“Say you are dead- what do you think your eulogy would say about you.”

“Who are our competitors?”

“Why is a good user interface good for the company?”

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“The most unexpected question they asked me was what kind of cereal would I be, if I could be cereal, and why.”

“What is the best way to sort a terabyte of array of data, when you have limited RAM (500k), and each array element has a couple of items of data, at about 1-10k each.”

“Paraphrasing - This is a new line of products in a new market. We need to come up with a new brand identity for this, but not conflict with the other products we sell. And not make it look like we...”

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“Tell me how you would scale a social media software platform?”

“Are you local and can you be at work by 8am”

“Suppose there is a smart phone API that can give you a person's mood and that there are 100 different moods. There can be varying level of moods, such as happy, very happy, sad, extremely sad, etc...”

“You're stuck inside a square maze of unknown size. You start at the bottom left hand corner. The exit is at the top right corner. How can you find your way out most efficiently? What if the maze is...”

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