Product Manager Intern Interview Questions

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“Describe which product you would like to work for ( in any company) and why?”

“What's your main takeaway after having been in your previous position for several years?”

“Describe your leadership experience and qualities.”

“Tell me about a product that you don't like. How would you fix it?”

“How would you go about designing an interface for platform X?”

“Describe the process you would take in designing Yelp’s new application for TVs.”

“Tell me about a time you've dealt with ambiguity. Considering you do not have a science background, how will you deal with ambiguity during this internship?”

“I was asked to reroute Wacker Drive (in the Chicago loop), for construction. It was really challenging because of the incredibly open-ended nature of the question and the number of elements that go...”

“What strategy would you recommend to attract different user groups without losing Groupon's primary group of 20-something educated females?”

“Give some recommendations for how Groupon's current mobile offering could be improved.”

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