Product Manager Interview Questions

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“If Pocket Gems had a bunch of new game ideas, how should we pick the best one?”

“You're in charge of new business venture x. What do you evaluate in vetting the business potential? Now what is your estimate of the volume we could move (with numbers)?”

“What do you think facebook should do next?”

“If John Locke from lost was running for president of the island what would be his campaign slogan.”

“What do you need from me to be sucessful ? (asked by hiring manager)”

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“You notice that adwords revenue for a certain word has dropped in Italy for the last 30 days. How do you go about determining why that has happened?”

“How would you design google maps?”

“What are Google's major challenges going forward ? (Not competitors, but overall challenges).”

“Nothing unexpected, most difficult was specific questions about technologies I had not worked with in the past.”

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“Design an elevator for a building (no specifics on what kind of building). Follow up design with two elevators and etc.”

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