Product Manager Interview Questions

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“There are 3 cars travelling in a road from point a to pont b, you have to pick one car, which one do you choose?”

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“Describe what do you write in a functional specification?”

“If you were going to plan two new distribution center locations for Amazon where would you locate them and why. How would you decide what product to put in each DC”

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“Academic-based theoretical questions about some technologies.”

“3 metrics on how to measure success on a software solution that has just been implemented in the page”

“Estimate the annual gasoline expenses for Pizza Hut in San Francisco.”

“What are three long term challenges facing google?”

“The most unexpected question was "Review this Java code. What's wrong with it?"”

“Nothing difficult--just lots of questions. For someone who's been working in this exact same niche field for a decade and has seen scores of customers and solved their issues---the interview was a...”

“How do you think Amazon may have come up with the $80 fee for the Amazon Prime membership program? - this is a classic pricing question.”

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