Product Quality Analyst Interview Questions

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“"What salary would I like to be paid?" -- A question that I have trouble with on any interview. For, I didn't want to sound greedy and possibly not be selected because I was above what the company…”

“I don't remember the questions verbatim, but I did have a question about designing a scheme to maximize rewards, and then how to build a system to detect such schemes.”

“"Imagine that you were in possession of 1000 google accounts, how would you go about stealing money from these 1000 accounts"

"How would you combat the ways to steal that you mentioned."”

“How would you mitigate fraud on Google Wallet?”

“Give me an example of a validation process you used in your Quality Assurance practice?”

“Know Google products thoroughly.”

“Summarize your life philosophy in one phrase”

“What product would you use to steal data from Google?”

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