Product Quality Engineer Interview Questions

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“There was a question about describing a time where you took advice or a suggestion from a customer and applied it to a project or program.”

“1. Have you ever been required to regularly account for 45 second intervals and to check list all you do on each shift? 2. Describe a time where you worked through a disagreement that was not easily…”

“Have you ever stopped a line for a quality issue and how did you go about it? Can you provide examples.”

“Do you have any question for me?”

“Most of the questions were things like, "You work for a company that manufactures blenders. How do you test this blender?" They're basically looking for you to consider every possible angle in which…”

“I don't remember any specific questions, but I was presented with mostly algorithm questions, problem solving scenarios, and riddles.”

“What do you want to know about Apple?”

“If there are 500 washers that have been rejected by the test lab, can you tell me how you would go about determining the root cause and corrective action.”

“Solve this circuit using Ohms law”

“In an array of integers, every number except for one is duplicated exactly one somewhere in the array. Find the single number.”

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