Production Artist Interview Questions

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“Are you familiar with preflight and press check processes?”

“You're not here to make friends, is that something that sounds fine to you?”

“What does your current job consist of on a daily basis.”

“Really wasn't one. I was told that the position only available if the client sees a "fit"... meaning that they think they like you. It really didn't have anything to do with qualifications... the...”

“What is your greatest weakness that would affect you for this job?”

“Softball questions all of them and not one question was hard to answer.”

“Why would you want to get back into the corporate world after freelancing for so long?”

“What do you know about G7 print profiles?”

“Can you tell me about a specific situation when you handled working with a manager with an "overbearing" personality?”

“Why did you apply for this position?”

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