Production Engineer Interview Questions

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“How can you find whether a process is I/O bound or CPU bound?”

“What is your favorite vehicle.”

“Only one tech question that wasn't a brain teaser- technical job related question was about line balance. There's 3 tools in a row with known stabilities. You know the second tool is very unstable…”

“From boss' boss: Are you ready to make money for us?
He's a busy man so he is a man of a few words. He did not say much more.”

“Tell me about a time when you had a conflict with a coworker. No technical questions were asked- strictly behavioral.”

“Why do you want to work for ConocoPhillips?”

“draw specific stage gate electric circuit design on the board.”

“what was the most difficult challenge you encountered at work”

“I noted that they had aggressive product deployment schedule (that one had little control over) that may required occasional OT or an weekend to get it out the door, that was fine and I understood…”

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