Production Engineer Interview Questions

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“If you have an IC with a maximum temperature rating of 75C, a junction to ambient thermal resistance of 50C/Watt, and a power dissipation of 1W during normal operation, will the chip be able to...”

“If you have a "black box" circuit, and your options of what's inside is a constant voltage source (CVS) or a constant current source (CCS), what kind of tests can you do to determine what's in the...”

“Tell me about yourself.”

“Can a non-inverting op-amp have a gain smaller than 1? Why or why not?”

“What's your big mistake in R&D?”

“What is the truth table for a NOR?”

“Do you like doing paperwork?”

“How is a NOR gate set up?”

“Why does a NAND memory cell have a finite number of write/erase cycles?”

“Position is open, you are our #1 choice, do you want the position?”

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