Production Engineering Interview Questions

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“Why wouldn't you want a root DNS server to answer queries for you, instead of delegating you to an authoritative server?”

“For a given set of software checkins, write a program that will determine which part along the branch where the fault lies.”

“What options do you have, nefarious or otherwise, to stop people on a wireless network you are also on (but have no admin rights to) from hogging bandwidth by streaming videos?”

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“Explain everything that happens over the network when a client tries to access a website.”

“Details of Artificial lift technology I had experience with. how to design one?”

“Describe your biggest weakness”

“Tell us what your opinion is on diversity”

“Are you familiar with our business and are you comfortable with it?”

“The systems interview was more open ended than I expected”

“Can you clean all three bathroom's and vacuum all the carpet and clean the kitchen every week??? Along with everything else that is expected of you???”

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