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“Why wouldn't you want a root DNS server to answer queries for you, instead of delegating you to an authoritative server?”

“For a given set of software checkins, write a program that will determine which part along the branch where the fault lies.”

“Name a time when you had to fill in for a absent coworker. what did you do how did you handle it what was the outcome”

“Do you consider yourself a patient person?”

“Can you handle very stressful situations?”

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“Are youbready to work 7 days per week?”

“How far do you want to reach in the company?”

“What options do you have, nefarious or otherwise, to stop people on a wireless network you are also on (but have no admin rights to) from hogging bandwidth by streaming videos?”

“Explain everything that happens over the network when a client tries to access a website.”

“Was I married and did I expect to stay married .”

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