Production Manager Interview Questions

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“If a dragon came down from the sky and attacked your family and your house, how would you kill it?”

“What do you want to get out of this job?”

“Was asked two or three times if I had discrete manufacturing experience by the same person. Not a difficult question, but they appeared to doubt my answer.”

“Most difficult situation handled?”

“Gave a scenario....You have an order of 150 slot machines that is due in 5 weeks. You know that some of your parts have a 15 week lead time. You cant preposition any units...How do you deliver the…”

“If told that another production facility was unable to make their quota, and therefore you had to make extra production, how would you respond?”

“They need a person possess abilities and qualities not less than a President or CEO of company with the salary of a tester. If you declare someone under qualification then should not drag a busy IT…”

“How would I bring excellence to MTV that was not there already?”

“What did I think the top 3 expected qualities for this position were? Trick question because this position, or at least the way it was presented was 99% vague.”

“Time and action aclender”

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