Production Manager Interview Questions

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“Fabric knowledge”

“They wanted to know if I'd correctly perform press checks for them based upon compliants they'd had with a current printer. I couldn't tell/see the problems that they pointed out. It seemed to me let…”

“"Do you think we can improve the business with our current employees, or should we fire them all and start with a clean slate?"”

“Where did I see myself in 5 years,”

“Have you ever managed people before.”

“Only discussions about roles within organization not many questions regarding position”

“They are looking for someone that is willing to work all hours of the day and night. Several of the questions are geared to seeing if you are willing to work the hours and days that the job will…”

“we cannot hit your salary but we can do so and so and so.....”

“Questions were typical--behavioral and management style related. Multiple questions about lean manufacturing and processes/continuous improvement.”

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