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“Describe what do you write in a functional specification?”

“1. how may golfballs fit in 747
2. why manhole covers round”

“I have a beat up car. It travels at 30 miles per hour and gets 20 miles per gallon. The tank also leaks at 1 gallon per hour.

How far can I go on 10 gallons of gas?”

“You’ve discovered a bug in a game that has already been released. QA tells you the bug will happen rarely, but when it does occur, it will be disastrous. What is your plan of action?”

“What are the most important qualities a salesperson needs to possess?”

“If you were going to plan two new distribution center locations for Amazon where would you locate them and why.
How would you decide what product to put in each DC”

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“Academic-based theoretical questions about some technologies.”

“3 metrics on how to measure success on a software solution that has just been implemented in the page”

“Estimate the annual gasoline expenses for Pizza Hut in San Francisco.”

“What are three long term challenges facing google?”

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