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“Case study: You are a senior project manager with the option to choose one of two clients for your next project: Client A, whose brand A has a very broad customer base consisting of customers who...”

“Aside from the analytical assessment (very much like a harder SAT), I was asked "what's one of the most challenging group projects you've worked on?" "Tell me about a time you lead a group and...”

“Explain a situation where you may not have gotten along with a leader or coworker. How did you deal with the situation?”

“Sales of a product remain constant but market share decreases by”

“Name one challenge you were faced with in your current job?”

“Name a situation where you had a disagreement with a superior and how did you handle it.”

“where do you see yourself in five years from now”

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“What kind of software programs are you knowledgable in that would be applicable to this position?”

“Why Disney? - I was asked this question many times in a variety of formats by many of the people interviewing me. They came about in different wordings - Why entertainment? Why media? Why marketing...”

“Do you have adequate transportation to Disneyland Parks & Resorts?”

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