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“They give you a real life scenario to write and email to an imaginary client about...everything about this was easy except because I was so nervous I had difficulty getting the details down. Most…”

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“Scenario questions like. If you were in a situation where a coworker was doing something illegal or against company policy, what would you do?”

“Why do you want to work at Trader Joe's?”

“Prepared to purchase a health care plan?”

“No difficult or unexpected questions were asked.”

“Why have you chosen to apply for an academic position, when you have been working as a professional for so many years?”

“What can my past experience and education bring as Director of Operations?”

“How would you handle a someone known to have an aggressive behavior in the work environment?”

“tell me about a time when you turned a negative situation to positive”

“What book or literature has had biggest impact on your professional existence?”

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