Professional Services Analyst Interview Questions

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“You are working for Coca-Cola and are given the task to market two products: Diet Coke and Coke Zero. Develop the target audience for these two products and then walk me through how you would go…”

“The most unexpected question was the estimation question: Chicago has two main airports, calculate how many people fly out of Chicago on a given day. Tricky only because I thought I remembered my…”

“Interviewer puts a blank sheet of paper in front of me and a blank sheet of paper in front of herself. She asks "This is your product, this is my product. How would you differentiate yours from mine?"”

“How many people fly out of the Chicago O'hare airport on a Monday?”

“-What is the most creative thing you've ever done
-How would you help motivate a struggling team member
-What motivates you
Super Day:
-In a group interview with 4 candidates asked regarding 2 of…”

“Name a time when you had conflicting priorities, all on similar deadlines.
(lots of "name a time when..." questions)”

“What variables might go into the formulation of a model used to predict sales volume?”

“"Why do you want to work for Nielsen?"”

“Behavioral Questions - Market Share Question”

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