Professional Services Consultant Interview Questions

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“Describe a particular problem you encountered and how you solved it.”

“Name a time you had to teach someone something.”

“Name a time you taught someone a technical skill, name a time you thought outside the box”

“Give me a time where you were a self-starter.
Describe what you think a velocity consultant's role is.”

“If you weren't interviewing for this job, what other job would you be interviewing for?”

“How did you deal with a difficult member of a group?
When did you provide excellent service?
When did you innovate last?”

“Tell me about a time that you implemented change and how did the results turn out.”

“What would you do if you where given a task that you did not have capacity for?”

“All behavioral questions (be able to describe the situation, what happened, and what you did as a result.”

“Tell me about a time when you had to explain something very technical to somebody that had no technical background”

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