Program Analyst Interview Questions

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“Why do you want the job....”

“How you would go about deciding how many elevators are needed for this office building?”

“Why do you want to work here.”

“Having considered computers, software, and programming as being "technical", it took me aback when it was used in terms that dealt with questions that were geared toward how to answer or handle…”

“Some questions are role playing with specific questions about a specific complex and technical question. You are asked to provide an answer, citing agency verbiage that supports your answer.”

“Being asked how you would deal with a specific hypothetical issue or situation can be very tricky if one you have not had that exact experience.”

“Please tell me about a project you had to complete in the past that you could have done better? What went wrong and what would you have done different if given a second chance?”

“Understanding and input for strategic plan for the future to improve dellivery of services to our veterans”

“Give a breakdown of the 3 financial statements?”

“Why are you wanting to make a lateral move? Why aren't you seeking positions that have promotion potential?”

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