Program Development Manager Interview Questions

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“Tell me a situation in the past you have to influence others on decision makings.”

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“Why do you want to work for HSBC?”

“After using information from the assessments I took online, they determined questions to ask like: are you more comfortable in a fast paced or slow paced environment?”

“What was your greatest accomplishment up to this point in your life?”

“How would your friends describe you? Tell me about a time you exhibited leadership skills. Tell me about a time you worked with a team. Tell me what you know about M&T.”

“Have you ever been to Buffalo?”

“They asked us to analyze data and employee "scorecards" in order to make a recommendation of where the Sales Manager's coaching needed to be focused. Having only just learned about the process, it...”

“Tell me about what you're studying.”

“Think of a cube made up of smaller cubes. The larger cube is a 10x10x10 cube comprised of smaller cubes. How many of the smaller cubes are on the surface of the larger overall cube?”

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