Program Director Interview Questions

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“Because the recruiters prepare you right before the interview, none of the questions are unexpected.”

“Your supevisory skills are very weak. Why are they so after all these years in this profession?”

“What was a challenging time in your life and how did you get through it?”

“Around the house, would you say that you are a maintainer or a fix-it-when-it-breaks sort of guy.”

“Have you ever had any difficult passengers and how did you handle them”

“What is a controversial topic?”

“Are you comfortable with a minimum wage plus commission job?”

“How do you convince a school principal that he/she needs our volunteers even though we don't provide a thorough background check?”

“How long will you stay with the organization?”

“Faced with the decision of disappointing your best customer or the head of your department how would you handle a situation like this?”

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