Program Leader Interview Questions

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“What kind of experience do you have in working with minors?”

“Tell me about a time when you only had a little information about the situation.”

“What would you do if an angry parent came up to you, and how would you solve their problem? Tell us about a time when you have worked on a project with a team. What would you do if students were...”

“Tell me about a time when you had to use incomplete information to make a decision”

“They asked me to prepare and facilitate a 30 minute activity with a group of 30 students that were between 3rd - 5th grade. I was also asked about previous experience working with this age group.”

“Describe your leadership experience.”

“How would you handle a student that is not behaving well in the classroom? How would you act?”

“What is the recent news you know about Unilever”

“Tell me about yourself. (It was the first question)”

“What makes you think you are the right person to be an AmeriCorps VISTA?”

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