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“You are on a game show. There are three doors, behind one of which is a prize and the other two is a chunk of coal, and the host knows which door holds the prize. You choose door #1. Before it is…”

“You are on a desert island, and all you have is a pair of dice. You know that a plane flies over the island on the 30th day of the month. Using the dice, how can you make a calendar that always tells…”

“You have a cake. How many straight cuts do you need to divide the cake into 8 equal pieces?”

“Given a string like "I'm being interviewed by Amazon" implement a method that reverses the given string so that it looks like "Amazon by interviewed being I'm".”

“Given an NxN matrix of positive and negative integers, write code to find the submatrix with the largest possible sum.”

“What is the hardest thing in moving a team to Agile?”

“2 mile road.. car completes first mile at 30mph. What speed the car should drive the second mile to end up with an average speed of 60 mph?”

“Write an algorithm that calculates the angle between hour and minute hand of a clock for any arbitrary time”

“If a change in a product made Google less money over all and even would reduce the revenue of partners but might save money for the consumers should Google still do it?”

“how would you trouble shoot a slow download of content on a Kindle device?”

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