Program Manager Interview Questions

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“How do you make sure you are delivering quality in your product or service?”

“ascii to integer”

“Write a program to print out the first n primes.”

“What is deadlock”

“You have two products to launch in a new country before the holiday and you have the resources to only launch one product at a time. Walk me through how you would deal with this situation.”

“What would I do if I found out one of my managers had been advising employees to use the wrong charge code.”

“How will you describe OOP to kids?”

“You have no extra time and no extra resources but is asked by the CEO to add 20 extra features, what do you do?”

“Tell me about a challenging team situation and how you overcame it”

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“What do you do if you assign a deliverable to someone, and they don't deliver. How do you handel this?”

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