Program Representative Interview Questions

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“[Explain all your employment gaps, as they will check all time since you graduated from college or equivalent.]”

“How would you handle an irate, very diffucult caller/applicant?”

“How would you assist someone with their job search?”

“What research I did for the position. I didn't want to mentioned I got the information at Glassdoor, I didn't know if they would frown upon that.”

“All questions where easy. I had no experience for my job, neither was I trained for it. Yet I excelled and made those above me terribly nervous. How I got the job, without the required experience is...”

“Tell me about a time when you've had to publicly admit you were wrong.”

“One of the hiring managers asked me how I would rank myself on my attitude and work ethic.”

“I found the unexpected telephone call to be difficult for me because I was not prepared for it. I was nervous to be tested on my telephone conversation skills.”

“Why Gallo, why not another company in the same industry?”

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