Program Specialist Interview Questions

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“The only question they asked me that I was not prepared for was "How do you deal with conflict in the office?"”

“The questions were pretty typical. I think they appreciated me talking a little about myself outside of work. They are interested in your values and what part you would play on the team.”

“How do you connect multiple phases of a txn”

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“Why should we select you over the other qualified applicants?”

“Tell us which area of the job you feel least comfortable with and would need additional training?”

“If you had an angry upset or emotional student how would you handle it?”

“There was none, just really BASIC, I repeat BASIC questions. maybe one situational question "tell of a time when you blah blah blah.."

The rest are just rudimentary.”

“What was the hardest part about running a free-lance web development business?”

“All candidates for the same individual position get the same basic interview questions..."Tell me about yourself." "Tell me about a time you worked as part of a team." "How do you handle conflict…”

“How do you deal with impatient or rude users?”

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