Program Specialist Interview Questions

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“Do you prefer whipped or butter cream icing?”

“Define Polymorphism”

“Describe a a situation where a team member was not performing to standards and how you handled it.”

“How would you make a query that linked multiple tables?”

“We deal with many impoverished people in the city of all backgrounds. What is your experience working with minorities?”

“What must be included in a set of JAVA code to enable it to be run?”

“If you could be a candy bar, which one would you be?”

“Ability to comprehend general math and accounting principles was a job requirement and the interviewer asked "what is 80% of 63,500?' and "How many pay periods are their for someone who gets paid...”

“There wasn't really much in the way of difficult or unexpected questions. It was what I would expect for the nature of the job and the skill level sought. I was asked if I am the type of person to...”

“Please state a time in your professional career where you had to resolve a conflict?”

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