Program Specialist Interview Questions

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“We deal with many impoverished people in the city of all backgrounds. What is your experience working with minorities?”

“If you could be a candy bar, which one would you be?”

“Ability to comprehend general math and accounting principles was a job requirement and the interviewer asked "what is 80% of 63,500?' and "How many pay periods are their for someone who gets paid…”

“What experience do have that the company could use.”

“Did I have a personality that was not disagreeable to most people?”

“Tell me about yourself and how you fit in with GS”

“There wasn't really much in the way of difficult or unexpected questions. It was what I would expect for the nature of the job and the skill level sought.
I was asked if I am the type of person to…”

“How honest should you be in an interview?”

“Please state a time in your professional career where you had to resolve a conflict?”

“Explain your program management experience.
Do you have experience with Adobe”

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