Programmer Analyst Interview Questions

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“Have they did ssrs reports off an application/transactional database or only reporting off a datamart”

“How did you handle a hostile co-worker?”

“How long is your commute?”

“When I tried to explain the different DocTypes of HTML, the interviewer was looking for a detailed answer probably involving who invented HTML and who added the idea of DocTypes to it.”

“I hate the question where do you want to be in 5 years, 10 years, 20 years.”

“There were no difficult or unexpected questions given.”

“"what is something that you do at your current job that you didn't think you would be doing? Are you glad you do it, and why?"”

“There were some technical questions in regard to .Net that I should have known, but wasn't expecting. Those technologies were not listed in the position requirements. An example was about POCO.

“Have you ever have someone oppose your idea and how did you deal with it?”

“Tell me about an experience where you were forced to handle a conflict, and what was the outcome”

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