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“How many square feet of pizza is eaten in the US each year?”

“Assume there is a method provided getNextperson() which gives Person objects which have comparable interface implemented, now read from a file records and sort it and give first 1000 records, write...”

“How do you find the max depth of a binary tree?”

“Write code to return a sorted array of int, when passed in 2 sorted array of int to the method.”

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“How would you cut a rectangular cake into two equal pieces when a rectangular piece has already been cut out of it? The cut piece can be of any size and orientation. You are only allowed to make one...”

“What is your weakness?”

“Honestly, there wasn't a strange or hard question at all - it was a personal referral and since i had knowledge of the job, it wasn't an issue with her.”

“Implement a method to perform basic string compression using the counts of repeated characters. "aabcccc" becomes "2a1b4c".”

“I was given a logic question where you have 5 balls. One of the balls is heavier than the others. What's the fewest number of times you have to compare weights to figure out which ball is heavier.”

“What is syntax for case in pl/sql”

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