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“How do you feel about doing what it takes in order to complete the project on time?”

“How you will design a hash key /hash table, what data structure you will use? He gave a hint like we should use an array and I used chaining mechanism to take care of collision. He seemed to be happy…”

“If you had a personal crisis with your child and an urgent project to complete, how would you handle the situation.”

“Why did you leave your previous jobs. We look at candiates who are going to stay with us for the long term.”

Programmer at T-System

May 27, 2014

“Was more a personality and mutual fit selection. Entry level job. Not much technical questions invovled.”

“How long is your commute?”

“What should you use for large SAP internal table?”

“What did your prior employer think of you?”

“"what is something that you do at your current job that you didn't think you would be doing? Are you glad you do it, and why?"”

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