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“What is the definition of an abstract class?”

Programmer at Google

Oct 13, 2010

“How to find the top k items from n distributed servers, with min network communication, but computation local at servers is ok”

“The most difficult question in the interview was answering if I could foresee being able to perform all of the job expectations. The job expectations were not clearly defined. (As a programmer, I…”

“This company likes to test programmers so you will be asked to make a web site with CRUD in it.”

“Implement an intersection method for two lists. After showing a brute force method, I was asked to improve upon the method and analyze time complexity for both algorithms.”

Programmer at STATS

Aug 22, 2012

“There really wasn't a difficult question. I guess since this field has to be filled in I was asked the difference between an inner join and an outer join, that was seriously the hardest question.”

“What is a left join in SQL?”

“What do you think your supervisor say your strengths & weaknesses are !?”

“technical to solve a problem”

“I was asked if I had ever used SAS Enterprise Guide (EG), since SunTrust was in the process of switching its programming products from Base SAS to EG.”

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