Programming Intern Interview Questions

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“What big thing do you want to be involved in at Microsoft?”

“1. Tell me about yourself and why you'd like to work at Microsoft.”

“If you're good at your job it's not difficult.”

“3. (I had mentioned an interest in Wikipedia.) Wikipedia has been in the press lately, because they're accusing some editors of writing biased articles for payment. How would you detect those…”

“2. If you know what time it is, write an algorithm that would tell you the smallest angle between the minute and hour hand on a clock.”

“Design app to let students say what classes they've attended that week”

“4. How would you design a traffic app that gave directions, and also used information about the cost of tolls, the cost of carpool lane fines, and the likelihood of getting a ticket/carpool lane fine?”

“Design "find a person" website to find Ellis Island immigrants”

“Retirement home gets 100 tablets. What do you do with them?”

“Case part was most difficult, especially since there was not enough time to think it through.”

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